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Pets and our crazy summer schedules (my pup Ross)
July 19, 2021 at 8:41 PM
by Nicholas S.

You're in control. You plan, pack, travel and fill in your family and friends on the events planned. No matter how well you are organized for that big tip you feel stressed, anxious, and need a vacation from vacation.

How about your furry friends? Do they comprehend the plan, chaos, rush and why things in the house get moved more than they have the past year? I’m a pet owner myself and I can confidently say that they really do not have a clue and the sudden change in our patterns are stressful to them. Yelling at them or using a behavior correction device only makes it worse.

Does your kitten get diarrhea?

Does your dog act like they have anxiety or ADD/ ADHD

Does your cat hide behind the couch and become angry?

Does your dog appear depressed?

Does your pup run off just before you’re ready to leave?

Our fur babies by design live by fight or flight and this survival response can be an aggravation to us but is a sign of extreme anxiety of the unnormal activity with our big trip. They truly want to be good boys and girls and follow all the expected rules but when their natural instincts become triggered they have a conflict within themselves.

In the picture you see my pup. He had severe anxiety when we picked him out of the litter. He would lay tight to the ground and piddle himself when we thought of picking him up. After a few days of treatment with our FuR tincture and chews he was a normal, playful pup. Here he is pictured being well behaved in the chaos of a big trip. You can see he is being well behaved but his loyalty to his owner and his desire to flee is a conflict within him. This causes anxiety that is clearly seen in this photo.

If you have a fur baby grab some of our FuR Tinctures and Chews. I recommend the FuR chews for training, bringing down the energy level, and a consistent low dose of CBD (3mg per chew). The FuR tincture can be used daily for aches & pains, hyper activity, nervousness. I recommend having a bottle on hand for substantial changes in their surroundings such as a move, trip, fireworks, company or a gathering where you will bring your pup. One pipette has 8.33mg and there are 30 pipettes in one bottle.

Love up them fur babies and give them the best!